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New England News,
Innovation and Good
Old Yankee Ingenuity

Compiled by
James H. Hyde


New Hampshire B&B Offers Innovative
Way to Offset Gas Prices for Guests

Ash Street InnInnkeepers at a New Hampshire bed and breakfast get it. They've heard the news that vacation destination have been shortened due to the gas-price crisis. Most folks will drive to destinations that take no more than a day's drive to get to. They also understand that their guests, once they arrive, want to be able to take day trips without going bust at the pumps, so they have crafted a pretty neat package for those who are looking for a somewhat nearby New England getaway.

For guests willing to reserve a two-night, weekday stay, Darlene and Eric Johnston, owners of the Ash Street Inn in Manchester, NH, are slashing room prices by $20 a night to offset the cost of gasoline.

They explain that their day-trip-friendly location allows their guests to have a great time driving as far away as Burlington, Vermont; Mystic, Connecticut; Newport, Rhode Island and other New England points, North, South East and West on half a tank of gasoline.

“Travelers from larger western states don’t realize that you can hit all the hot spots in New England in one trip. Manchester is centrally located, so taking day trips is really easy and fun,” says Darlene Johnston, who adds that hybrid drivers will receive an extra $5 off their stay each night.

Free Lunch (no kidding) and You Keep the Container

“On one of their day trips, we’ll pack our guests a gourmet lunch in an insulated picnic bag that they can keep, provide them with coupon books and maps, and send them on their way.”

Although it's a urban inn, it's proximity to Manchester Airport and tax-free shopping are appealing to many folks who don't realize how close the inn is to many destinations, but they like flying into and out of Manchester’s airport and tax-free shopping is very appealing. New hampshire has no income or sales tax.

“People tend to think that New Hampshire is in the middle of nowhere, but the truth is we have the best of all worlds with beaches, mountains and metropolitan activities,” smiles Eric Johnston. “With regard to tourism, Manchester is really the center of New England because you can be anywhere in a few hours — even Montreal and Manhattan are only 250 miles away.”

For more information, visit www.ashstreetinn.com or call (603) 668-9908 and ask about the “Explore New England” package.

Yankee Pride Shines Through in Red White and Blue

According to New Hampshire's Nashua Telegraph patriotism and national pride are alive and well in Nashua.

Red, white and blue was in abundance along the town's main street where people gathered hours before the event to unfold their lawn chairs and get a front row seat to the annual 4th of July parade. Not unlike St. Patrick's day whensomething green needs to be worn, the town turned out wearing at least one if not all three colors

Decorated, too, were cars, telephone poles and town resident Vicki Pope, who donned a long blue skirt covered with a red and white striped apron and matching neck scarf, handed out red, white and blue balloons tied with red, white or blue ribbons, as well as miniature American flags, which were gifts from the Lions Club, the parade sponsor, according to the paper."

Pope told the paper, "I have 300 balloons this year," Pope said as she made her way along the sidewalk.

Meaningfully, those attending fully understood what the 4th of July represents. Paul and Tamara Guttormson perhaps said it best: "We're proud of our country and will pass that down," said his wife, smiling at her children sitting in separate strollers. "I think right now, they think this is just for their birthday."

To sweeten the event even more, the Telegraph reports that the children were "showered with wave after wave of Tootsie Rolls, Dum Dums, Double Bubble, butterscotch drops, Snickers bars and other sweets tossed from the passing floats, cars, trucks and marchers."

New England is famous for it's parades and holds one at every opportunity. But this year, despite all of the gloom and doom in the news, people had a great time celebrating the spirit of the best nation on earth.

If you have a New England business related to travel and send out press releases, please send a copy to ExploringNewEngland's Editor, Jim Hyde at jim@exploringnewengland.com.

If 20-million Americans--less than 10% of the population--passed on buying $20 worth of goods made in China, not only would we erase our trade deficit with that country, we'd have a trade surplus.

We have a staggering trade deficit with China because they won't allow many of our products to be sold there without restrictions, tarriffs and other hurdles.

Given that so many Chinese-made products have been recalled recently, it should make all of us think twice about buying anything made in China, most importantly food. But while buying Chinese-made products stalled for a while, it's revved back up again.

The only way we can turn the tide is to find out where what we're about to buy was made, and if it says "Made in China," put it back and move on.

If you do that for just $20 worth of Chinese-made goods, you'll be doing your part to swap the deficit and turn it into a surplus. Buy green. Buy American-made products. Buy New England-made products and show your pride.

If you have a New England business related to travel and send out press releases, please send a copy to ExploringNewEngland's Editor, Jim Hyde at jim@exploringnewengland.com.

Inside Issue
Baxter State Park is foremost a mountain park, a place of 46 peaks and ridges, and hikes that offer expansive views of remote areas. ...[Y]ou’ll discover nooks and crannies on route to stir your wonder.
Those who had cars entered share a devotion that far outpaces hobby, passes way over the border of obsession, and finally settles near what satisfies the itch for perfection.
...[A]s the the moose obediently ran towards the battle, the sounds and sights of war made them bail; they spun around and took off into the wilderness with the hapless Hessian trying desperately to stop them...
Herreshoff is to sailboats what Brooks Brothers is to clothing or Ferrari is to cars. Every sailor worth his or her salt has heard the name, not once, but many times. The Nature Museum is a both a playful and educational experience for all age groups. Dioramas bring to life the story of the wildlife refuge and diverse habits of wetlands, old growth forests and upland hardwood forests.

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