Exploring New England
EXPLORING NEW ENGLANDExploring New EnglandExploring New EnglandVol. I, No. 4


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Photo Tag

Flowers From New England

By James & Terry Hyde
Editor and Photographers

The flowers in the Flash movie below were taken in Northern New England and comprise our first of what will become a massive collection, from New England flowers to architecture, to summer, fall, winter and spring, events, sites and things to do and see.

More photos will be added, as will the categories discussed above and regional and state photos will be available, as well as videos of the various trips we take. You can view the whole slide show, which starts automatically, click on a thumbnail of a photo you really like, or click on "Replay All" to see the whole slide show again. We hope you enjoy all of the photos. See below about how you can own prints of the one(s) you really like.

During July 2008, you will be able to own any of these these and a wide range of other photographs we have taken over the years as 8-inch-by-10-inch prints. We use only the finest local vendor to print our photographs for us because we insist on nothing but the best quality.

We try to capture the unusual rather than create a stock-photo library, so there will be a wide collection from which to chose. We know our photographs will give you many years of enjoyment.

We will also offer matting, and, if you'd like, inspirational or personal messages can be put on the photographs and printed for you. We will have a list of phrases from which you can choose, or we can use any phrase that you like or none at all.

These will be available in The NewEnglandTimes.Com Country Store, along with other products made in New England. If you'd like to be notified when the photos are ready to own, please send an email to Terry Hyde, thyde@newenglandtimes.com.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the photographs you see in the Flash presentation above.

Inside Issue
Baxter State Park is foremost a mountain park, a place of 46 peaks and ridges, and hikes that offer expansive views of remote areas. ...[Y]ouíll discover nooks and crannies on route to stir your wonder.
Those who had cars entered share a devotion that far outpaces hobby, passes way over the border of obsession, and finally settles near what satisfies the itch for perfection.
...[A]s the the moose obediently ran towards the battle, the sounds and sights of war made them bail; they spun around and took off into the wilderness with the hapless Hessian trying desperately to stop them...
Herreshoff is to sailboats what Brooks Brothers is to clothing or Ferrari is to cars. Every sailor worth his or her salt has heard the name, not once, but many times. The Nature Museum is a both a playful and educational experience for all age groups. Dioramas bring to life the story of the wildlife refuge and diverse habits of wetlands, old growth forests and upland hardwood forests.

Summer Collage

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