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Yes we're a little late with our first edition. But... we have a good excuse... high standards. We wanted this online magazine about exploring New England to be full of first class content. And it just took longer than we expected before we felt we'd achieved that. But of course you be the judge.

So we are delighted to introduce Exploring New England, a brand new newsletter and Web site combination. Our goal for this new site is to help you, our visitors, make choices about where to go in a region overstuffed with things to see and places to stay. But we can serve you best if you let us know what you want, so please send an email to Jim Hyde, Editor at: jhyde@neweglandtimes.com to give us your input on what you'd like us to cover.

So sit back and enjoy our first edition, and yes, we're already working on the next edition for you! So stay subscribed because we have a lot of surprises in store.

Jim Hyde, Editor
Cliff Calderwood, Publishe


The Biggest Show on Earth — Whale Watching in New England

Walk FlukeSometime between April and May each year the whales return to Stellwagen Bank off the coast of Massachusetts. It’s not only a wonderful sight to experience but heralds the return of warmer weather and a chance to reunite with old friends.

You see many of the whales that return have been coming back to the same place for many years, and naturalists and scientists that study these mammals can recognize individual whales by their distinct markings and they’ve even given them names. A missing whale creates anxiousness amongst the community and a sense of More >>

Hiking the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut and Massachusetts

AppalachianThe Appalachian Trail touches the northwest corner of Connecticut known as the Litchfield Hills, and The Berkshires region of western Massachusetts. Though the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut and Massachusetts may not be as rugged and demanding as the sections through northern New England, they nonetheless offer outstanding scenic views and most can be More >>

Cliff Walk — a Stroll through Newport,
Rhode Island's Gilded Age

Newport, Rhode Island
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The city’s celebrated Cliff Walk is a passageway to an era long since gone, a path through a historical period influenced heavily by Victorian designs and motifs, but its grandeur lives on in the famed Newport mansions, which still stand proudly along the shore. Between Rhode Island Sound, the Atlantic Ocean and Newport’s shoreline on one side, and the enormous icons of Newport’s Gold and Gilded Age on the other, Cliff Walk is a visit to More >>

Sugar on Snow! How the Old-Fashioned and New Technologies Are Changing How Maple Syrup Is Made

Sugaring SeasonWhat “liquid gold” and “Texas tea” are to oil, “Vermont liquid gold” is to maple syrup. And depending on whom you ask, one of three states makes the best maple syrup in the U.S. Vermonters claim theirs is the best. New Hampshirites assert theirs is, and Mainers declare their tan syrup to be the best. While the quality is arguable, quantity isn’t. Vermont is More >>

GetawaysYou Finally Got Your Vacation.
But Where to Stay? Hotel, B&B or a Rental House?

So, you finally got time to take a vacation and you’ve decided to come to New England. You’re not sure whether you should stay in a hotel/motel, a B&B inn or rent a vacation house. How do you go about choosing the best lodging for your needs? That’s what we’re here to answer for you. We don’t know your specific circumstances, but we’ll plug the traditional variables into the equation, and that should help you More >>

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