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We want to give you a heart-felt thanks for the remarkable response we got to our first issue of ExploringNewEngland.Com. We were amazed at how many of you visited the site and we hope that the stories on it gave you some good ideas about where to go and what to do.

The first issue enabled us to get a feel for what is of interest to you. We hope that everything is this issue is worthy of your attention. We also encourage you to send an email to jim@exploringnewengland.com with any story ideas you'd like to see on ExploringNewEngland.Com.

In this issue, we offer you a host of new ideas and wonderful places to visit and things to see and do. Enjoy!

James H. Hyde, Editor
Cliff Calderwood, Publisher


Summer Activities at Two Big Vermont Ski Resorts

Alpine Slide
Copyright © 2000-2008 Bromley Mountain. All Rights reserved.

At first, the chairlift is a little scary. You look down at your feet, and...no skis. The presence of green and absence of white is completely incongruous, but within minutes you realize the sudden quietness, and you relax. It’s summer in Vermont, and you’re at a ski resort on one of a number of various rides it offers.

While major ski areas have generally done well at what they were designed to do, the pressure to keep cash flowing year-round has risen over the years as the cost of maintaining a resort has escalated dramatically. Plus, each and every season is a crapshoot. Mother Nature is hardly predictable or reliable, so as soon as the night temperatures dip below freezing, the snowmaking efforts begin, and the meter starts running. More >>

Museums of Boston


As the premier historical city of the U.S. east coast you’d expect Boston to have its fair share of museums for residents and visitors alike. And Boston does not disappoint.

I’ve been told there are over forty major museums in Boston and the surrounding area — I haven’t visited them all… yet. But I’ve made a large dent in the collection and I’ll share six of my family favorites with you here and let you know what to expect. More >>

Inside the Belly of the Nautilus

Newport, Rhode Island
Copyright © 2000-2008 The U.S. Navy Submarine Force Museum. All Rights reserved.

"I’m not going down there. You can go, but I’m claustrophobic," says a lady not far from us. Typical response from people who suffer from the fear of small, confining places. We’d just been invited by my brother (freshly out of the Navy) to step below decks and into the belly of a submarine. Not just any sub. This was the world’s first atomic-powered sub. I found myself somewhat sympathetic with that lady, and was a bit leery as I climbed down the thirty steps into the torpedo room. But once coaxed below decks, claustrophobes find it amply spacious, their phobia back in its cage until next time.

We all look around in awe at how ingenious the interior design is. More >>

Acadia National Park – a Nature Lover’s Paradise

Acadia National Park
Nothing typifies Maine better than do a rocky shore, evergreens and a lighthouse.
Take a 500 million year old ancient ocean, 100,000 years of glacial activity and throw in major tectonic plate action and you have Acadia National Park. The only piece of land in New England part of the national park system, Acadia receives about 3 million visitors a year making it one of the ten most popular national parks in America.

From the top of Cadillac Mountain on Mount Desert Island – the highest point on the east coast north of Brazil – you can be the first in the summer to see the sun rise in the U.S. You can paddle in Somes Sound the only fjord on the U.S. east coast, and you can bike on miles of car-free carriage roads laid down by John Rockefeller Jr. over 70-years ago. More >>

Deerfield Village, 330 Years of History


History fascinates me, and Historic Deerfield, almost a mile-long collection of houses, built over the past 330 years, plus 1,000+/- acres of views of budding farmland, Historic Deerfield Village is nirvana.

Together with the houses there are a number of exhibition galleries that represent precious pieces of Americana extremely hard to find even in a slew of antique shops.

Oddly, when Historic Deerfield was incorporated in 1952 and the collections of period pieces began in earnest, it was not the work of a wealthy local family that acquired these amazing treasures. More >>

GetawaysWhat's the best Place for you to stay in New England? Hotel, B&B or a Rental House?

So, you finally got time to take a vacation and you’ve decided to come to New England. You’re not sure whether you should stay in a hotel/motel, a B&B inn or rent a vacation house. How do you go about choosing the best lodging for your needs? That’s what we’re here to answer for you. We don’t know your specific circumstances, but we’ll plug the traditional variables into the equation, and that should help you More >>

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